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Use of fiberglass post in endodontic treatment



Why to place an
intrarradicular post?

When the tooth has lost its coronal structure by 50% or more, it is necessary to use an intraradicular post to support the new restoration (direct/indirect) after endodontic treatment.

Why choose a fiberglass post?



The modulus of elasticity of fiberglass is closer to that of the dentin when compared to ceramics or metal.

Modulus of elasticity (in GPa), of different materials used in Dentistry




When using fiberglass posts, if a fracture occurs, the chances of it being catastrophic are minimal.

Comparison of types of root fractures with cast metal posts and Exacto. The fractures with cast metal posts are considered catastrophic (below the threshold line).

How to place the fiberglass post?

What are Angelus' intraradicular post options?


Single preparation for narrow, medium and wide canals


Double taper / Translucent
For better adaptation in conical-shape canals


Parallel shape with undercuts
Excellent retentivity to the canal, ideal for the anatomized post technique


Fiberglass accessory post
Increases the amount of fibers in the cervical region. Complete filling of the canal

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