Explore the scientific evidence that proves SPLENDOR® UNIVERSAL high performance

Exclusive features


A single post for narrow medium and wide canals

Conservative preparation

The enlargement is not required with drills


Adjustable to the canal with high retentivity

The Origin of Splendor® Universal

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1. Higher bond strength (push-out)

Splendor® Universal exhibits a higher bond strength between the post, cement, and dentin than anatomized posts.

2. Increased resistance to cyclic fatigue

Splendor® Universal can withstand more cycles and a higher amount of cyclic fatigue load than other posts before failing.

3. Better force and stress distribution

In comparison to anatomical fiberglass posts, the homogeneous fiberglass content of Splendor® Universal post allows for a better distribution of forces and tensions along the root.

Scientific articles

The main evidence demonstrating Splendor's superior performance when compared to conventional fiberglass posts.

Push-out bond strenght and failure mode of single adjustable and customized glass fiber posts.


Fatigue survival of endodontically treated teeth restored with different fiber-reinforced composite resin post strategies versus universal 2-piece fiber post system: An in vitro study.


Fiber-Reinforced Composite Post anch Core Techniques.


Evaluation of the push-out bond strenght of an adjustable fiberglass post system to an endodontically treated oval root canal.


Specialists' reviews

Profa. Dra. Erika Clavijo

A system that is unique, universal, and innovative.
Splendor® Universal can be used in both large and fragile root canals, as well as preserved canals. The post and sleeve can be adjusted to fit the canal diameter, preserving tooth structure and reducing the cementation line.
A simple and effective system.

Prof. Dr. Luís Fernando Morgan

The wide variety of root canal dimensions that exist after receiving endodontic treatment complicates the restorative stage.
The selection of various post formats and diameters, as well as their adaptation to the root canal walls, is a challenging process. Splendor® Universal has the advantage of being able to adapt to root canals of varying diameters while using only one type of post. In addition to this adaptability, this system allows the post to adapt to the canal rather than the other way around.

Profa. Dra. Juliana Delben

The Splendor® Universal System represents a significant advancement in prefabricated post systems. Its design enables the professional to perform a predictable technique with a significant reduction in clinical time and a lower chance of error. Additionally, by adjusting the sleeve around the universal post, the root canal's characteristics are preserved, and it becomes a complete system for a variety of routine clinical situations.

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